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Technology Related Services

We have a vast national and international network of affiliates that specialize in forensic digital data retrieval; forensic testing; auto accident reconstruction, fire origin and cause, and expert witness testimony.

Technology Related Services

  • Access Control, fire and intrusion systems – consulting, sales and installation
  • Digital Forensics related services included data recovery (affiliated partners)
  • IT Consultation (affiliated partners)
  • Physical Security and Vulnerability Assessments for all size businesses
  • Digital Surveillance


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Secure Fax: 513-737-5995

Quick Facts

  • We are totally committed to providing exceptional service to our clients, while maintaining the highest levels of trust, knowledge and integrity.
  • We pledge the use of state-of-the-art technology blended with extensive investigative expertise to provide a superior resolution for our clients.
  • We pledge to provide contemporary expert consulting expertise regarding establishing or assessing existing Special Investigation Units and other fraud related training needs within your organization.

Who We Are

We are a full service, licensed and insured Investigation, Security, and Management Services Consulting firm servicing clients in the United States and abroad through our integrated worldwide network.

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